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In managing grounds and large scale landscape environments, problems will arise. We address and resolve issues swiftly and efficiently. Whether an irrigation line bursts on your grounds or a distinguished guest decides to make an unscheduled visit, we bend over backward to make sure problems are resolved quickly and effectively. We provide detailed reports and take pride on our honest and transparent approach to landscape management and customer service.

The A.S.T. Story

“A.S.T.’s future is bright”

In the 1990’s, a high school student named Albert “Bert” Thompson, IV (initials A.S.T.) laid the groundwork for our organization. It all began in a garage on the East Side of Fort Worth, Texas but over the years our organization has evolved to become recognized as one of the most reputable and trusted landscape organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metropolitan area. 

In 2001, Mr. Tim Vela and Mr. Thompson met and their meeting would forever change the trajectory of the company. Over the course of the subsequent year they discussed how they would accelerate the growth of A.S.T.; build a dynamic, diverse and endearing organization that would be predicated on delivering outstanding customer service and ensuring that they provided a welcoming place to work.

In January of 2002, Bert Thompson, DBA,A.S.T.Lawn was incorporated and changed toA.S.T.Landscape Services to capture the essence of a professional, full-service landscape management organization. Concurrently, Tim and Bert became partners in the newly formed business.

Today,A.S.T.Landscape Services, Inc. is solely-owned by Mr. Tim Vela.A.S.T.continues to thrive; partnering with numerous philanthropic agencies, community organizations and challenging themselves to become the premier landscape management organization in the nation.

A.S.T.’s future is bright, and our success will continue to be based on the fantastic partnerships that we have with our clients, our staff and our community; we cherish these relationships and look forward to many years to follow.

INTEGRITY: “always doing what is right, especially when no one is looking”

HONOR: “accept responsibility and be accountable to the client, to the organization and to ourselves”

RESPECT: “treat others as you wish to be treated”

SELFLESS SERVICE: “being a great teammate and always placing the client before the needs of our own”

MORAL COURAGE: “challenging the status quo; pushing our minds to create and develop both as leaders within the organization and in our personal lives”

EMPATHY“treating each client uniquely, with individualized attention and displaying a level of concern that each client perceives as being authentic, genuine and sincere”

RESPONSIVENESS“the willingness to immediately respond to a client’s needs; phone call, email, and/or immediate resolution to a client’s problem”

ASSURANCE“demonstrating expertise in every facet of the Green Industry; portraying confidence, knowledge, and trust; to our clients and to our employees”

TANGIBLES: “our physical facilities; equipment, office, apparel; our appearance”? “Are they lasting and meaningful to our clients?”

RELIABILITY“on time, punctual; are we performing as promised”? “Essentially, A.S.T.’s word is reliable and we stand behind our product and we do so with a willingness to serve”

Cultivating Relationships: The most important aspect of successful long-term landscape management is the relationship between the property manager and the landscape management team. Taking time to understand our clients’ vision and business objectives has helped us maintain long-term relationships and high levels of client satisfaction.

Understanding Your Needs: A.S.T. landscape tailors a full range of landscape management services to the needs and objectives of individual clients, and their properties. We create action plans that accommodate unique business needs along with individual property requirements. Since our inception, we have managed some of the most prestigious and recognizable landscapes in the DFW area.